Staff Picks: Our Recommended Toys

Where do you start?

In a seemingly endless ocean of fantasy toy options, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on which toy to buy. There are so many different sizes and textures all crafted to pleasure in a variety of ways.

If you’ve found yourself asking what toy to buy or wanted to learn more about some of our models, you’ve come to the right place! From sketch to sculpt to silicone, we’ve gotten to know these creatures pretty well. Here are our top Staff Picks for your consideration.

Important Note:
The below recommendations are personal opinions from the CFT team. Everybody will have different tastes! If you are new to fantasy toys, consider starting small as you learn your body's preferences and limits with toy size, firmness, and textures.

As with any adult product, always use your best judgement to toy safely and comfortably. Listen to your body and remember - there's no such thing as too much lube!
Fantasy toys come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors!

Our Top Picks

Fuzz’s Picks

Character Artist, Sculptor

Although I have sculpted each toy to have their own unique details and strengths, there are two models that stand out to my personal tastes.

Kose the Reindeer is our top seller for a reason. Their base is easy to hold, their shaft is girthy with just enough textures, and to top it all off — the heart shaped head is simply adorable. It could take some warming up before grabbing Kose, but it’s a real treat to take each colorful inch.

Kose the Reindeer

Another favorite is the sleek Emblazoned Artemis the Dragon. This “powered up” version of the original Artemis features extra plating, spikes, and girth. This gives the model a fiercer dragon look! The tapered tip helps this toy ease in to start, and the varying textures make this dragon excel at both thrusting and grinding against.

Emblazoned Artemis the Dragon

Peach’s Picks

Creature Creator & Cataloger

Some of my favorite types of toys are multi-functional, for different purposes or moods! Mirage the Mimic is a great example of this, as a textured toy with a unique shaped tongue and a sturdy chest base. In addition to inserting, Mirage’s tongue is great for riding — the textures are fantastic for internal or external stimulation! Not to mention, this model is an awesome display piece for any Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy monster lover. That toothy grin just begs to be appreciated!

Mirage the Mimic

Calliope the Enchanted is another toy I consider to be versatile, with a unique spiral along the toy and a piercing as an additional feature. This model can be used for internal thrusting or twisting, as well as external stimulation. Its narrow shaft makes it an excellent go-to as a toy without needing to work up to more intense textures or girth. Of course, it is also fun to admire the details knowing that this was hand sculpted!

Calliope the Enchanted

Araphre’s Picks

Dong Engineer, Werewolf Admirer

I’ve always been interested in trying different knotted toys, and I designed Emblazoned Cyrus the Werewolf based on the best features! While his size is generally a little more suited for experienced users (the original Cyrus may be more beginner friendly), I absolutely love how fulfilling he is with a lil extra girth right at the top of the knot. The length behind the knot is also super important to really get that ‘locked in’ sensation, and I think we struck the right balance! Having a nice base with some big fuzzy balls for aesthetics also makes play time more fun.

Emblazoned Cyrus the Werewolf

As far as character design goes, Phaethon the Phoenix is definitely the most special to me. Of course I love his functional design too (there definitely aren’t enough avian-inspired toys out there)! But his story and background has been a very big part of our world building and development. I know right now there are only a few snippets here and there, but every character and idea we come up with fits into a greater tapestry of narrative that we can’t wait to explore and share with everyone! If you like a little bit of a story to fuel your fantasies while playing, be sure to read the character model pages.

Phaethon the Phoenix

What’s the right Size and Firmness?

Now that you may have a toy model in mind, it’s time to decide on a size and firmness!
We currently offer three levels of firmness, all relevant to the standard Shore Hardness scale:

  • Super Soft – Approximately Shore Hardness 00-20, similar to a gummy. It can be great for more extreme textures and girth, but may be somewhat difficult to handle on very narrow models as it will bend and wiggle very easily.
  • Soft – Approximately Shore Hardness 00-30, similar to a gel orthotic. For beginners, we recommend Soft to start, as this is the most forgiving material that will stretch and squish while still maintaining its general shape once inserted.
  • Medium – Approximately Shore Hardness 00-50, similar to a firm gel cushion or can be considered closest to ‘natural’ hardness. It will hold to original shape and stature more than soft, while still giving a bit of squeeze and bend room. If you are more familiar with and enjoy mainstream toys, consider trying Medium when buying a more textured and girthy model.
  • Firm – Approximately Shore Hardness 10A, similar to a soft, flexible rubber eraser. Firm is best when you don’t want to be squeezing and maneuvering to achieve penetration, and it will also hold the shape of details and textures for a more intense feeling. Mainstream toys will often be around the 10A-20A hardness.

Understandably, it can be hard to quantify firmness based on description alone. Firmness may vary slightly depending on the girth and details of each model, and at the end of the day it’s all up to personal preference.

⭐ Consider buying a Squishy in the firmness that sounds like the closest fit for you for a better idea of how that firmness behaves on thick or heavily textured areas.

When deciding on a size, it’s always a good idea to reference all size charts and photos available. Most shops will include a photo comparing the toy to a soda can, and you can also grab a ruler or tape measure to help envision the size in front of you. After collecting a toy or two, you may start to get a better idea of the measurements that matter the most to you.

Keep in mind that the more girth a model has, the more dense the silicone will feel. Medium firmness on a very narrow model like Small Calliope will be very flexible, while Medium firmness on a thick model like Large Kose might feel a little closer to Firm.

DIY Dildo Mock-Up:

(steps and picture example)

Are you more of a visual person? This DIY tip might help! Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and ruler/measuring tape to start.

  • Draw out each measurement: start with a vertical line for the Total Length, add a notch and write where the Usable Length ends (it starts at the tip for insertables!).
  • Then while referencing the product picture and size chart, add a horizontal line for the Maximum Diameter at the area where it appears widest.
  • Repeat this for any other helpful measurements listed.
  • You can also take it a step further and add a rough outline for the main shapes (it doesn’t have to be perfect!).
  • If you need a better visual of the circumference, use a clear spot of the paper or grab a new sheet and you can create a separate rectangle with the length of the total circumference (it doesn’t have to be very thick, an inch wide is plenty!).
  • Cut out this rectangle and touch the ends together—this will roughly be how girthy the toy will be. Not all shafts are a perfect circle, so you should use the product photo to match the shape if it’s not very circular.

    This won’t be a perfect representation, and it won’t account for texture and details – but it should give you more of a hands-on visual of the toy’s general size.

Still Undecided?

With so many options out there, it’s okay if our staff picks aren’t what you were looking for. Please browse our other blogs to see highlights on more of our models, or check out our Twitter @_CFToys for more photos, customer testimonials, and more!