Furry Weekend Atlanta Collection 2022

Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) is a furry convention held May 5-8th, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is Creature Feature Toy’s very first time selling at a convention, and we are so excited to meet everyone as a newer indie shop!

How to find us? See: The Dealers Den Hours & Location
We are in the Adult Room on the Marquis level – Table AD 4!

FWA Highlights

Here you can catch an early glimpse of some of our favorite groups of toys that we have created for our convention inventory. There will be so much more, so feel free to ask us if you had any particular colors you were looking for!

This year’s convention theme is The Enchanted Forest. While we love to pour a large variety of colors and styles, we referenced a lot of natural or whimsical palettes for many of these groups.

Limited Pre-Release Models

In addition to some stunning pours, we will have a very limited pre-release of two new models that have been in the works for months. Come meet Ferro the Extraterrestrial and Muna the Divine before they sell out!

Countdown to Furry Weekend Atlanta